As most of you have long discovered by now : there's nothing secretive about "The Secret". (a book that sold in the millions in the early years of the 21st century) In one way or another the basic principles have been with us since the dawn of mankind.
In more primitive cultures the positive as well as the negative effect is demonstrated in the good fortune while hunting and at the same time in the very powerful effect a shaman or medicine man could have on his tribesmen.
Jesus told the people of his time that he could do nothing without belief. "Go, your belief saved you".
Norman Vincent Peale, Robert Schuller,Templeton and many others, all were very familiar with the same basic principles.
Call it Like attracts Like, Power of Positive thinking.
Or the Power of Negative thinking.
Like my grandmother used to say : When you're born for a dime, you'll never reach a quarter.
Or as a present day physicist says : we live in a participatory universe, it affects us and we affect it. (Wheeler)
And it was Wolfgang Pauli most famous contribution to physics that he discovered that there was an abstract pattern that lies hidden beneath the surface of atomic matter and determines events and behaviour in a non-causal way . In an aside, the "Pauli effect" is quite well known. He only had to walk into a lab and vacuum tubes would implode or a sensitive test tube would fracture.
A very curious anecdote comes from Prof. J.Franck, who relates the story of a complicated piece of apparatus collapsing in the lab. He wrote to Pauli that he could not be blamed for everything that would collapse in a lab, since he was all the way in Zurich. As it happened Pauli was not in Zurich but on his way to Copenhagen and his train had made a stop in Gottingen (where the lab was).

We do seem to influence things and events around us to a larger degree than we often realize.
It is a common and well known phenomenon among married couples who are fairly close that the one often will say the things that were on the other's mind, can finish each other's sentences.
It seems to be the same kind of energy that is at work in the phenomenon of synchronicity. Carl Jung did a lot of research on that in connection with his work on dreams and psychological issues.
It is as if the formation of patterns within the unconscious mind is accompanied by physical patterns in the outer world.
Scientists often refer to ideas being "in the air" when discoveries are made by two or more people completely independently from one another, as was the case with Newton and Leibnitz discovering Calculus and Darwin and Wallace with the Theory of Evolution.

All these and many more gave rise to the idea that there must be "something", an invisible quantity or essence, that lies beneath or behind the reality of the day, that is of far greater importance than we have been aware of. Maybe we do live in a spiritual universe, though it may not exactly be the kind of spirituality that some Christian factions may have us believe. Furthermore, as was observed earlier, that spiritual universe does not exist apart from us. It is part of us and we are part of it, and it may not come as a big surprise, that we make up part of the energy that seems to emanate from it.

A very Public Secret
When Mrs. B. was told that she had stomach cancer, she exclaimed : I knew, I knew. I have known it all along but nobody wanted to believe me.
How long have you known this, asked the doctor.
Oh, I have known this for at least ten years.
Ten years! said the doctor, My dear women it is a miracle that you did not get cancer much sooner.
No Secret  . . or another way of doing physics
Most of us are well aware of non-rational or other phenomena that are very difficult to explain by ordinary means and ways of thinking.
As mentioned people whose lives are quite intimately connected often seem to communicate at a non-verbal, non-physical level. . To explain it as a coincidence often seems more far fetched than accepting that there "must be more between heaven and earth than we can understand".

The intrigueing part of this is that these things don't seem to be limited to the human experience.
Rats put through maze trials seem to somehow pass on their acquired "skills" to rats in the same situation all over the world. Once they learn the trick in California, the rats in Japan will be able to do it soon after.
Scientists have often observed that once a very difficult new drug has crystallized in a certain way as they had planned -which may take months of trial and error- , subsequent crystallizations seem to go quicker and become routine in very short order. Mind you these are chemical processes.
And if you think that it's understandable that ordinary people have a hard time understanding or accepting these things, consider scientists who are discovering continuously things that are upsetting their established concepts of reality. A simple question as : What is it made of?, can lead one a discovery tour that might very well completely re-arrange your view of the world you live in.
A simple toothpick may be made of wood, which is made of wood fibers. On closer examination it turns out that wood fibers are really "patterns of cells". These patterns of cells, when scrutinized more closely, turn out to be "patterns of molecules", which are "patterns of atoms", which are "patterns of sub-atomic particles"and we know what they have turned out to be (or not to be) , energy..?
In other words 'matter' is in fact a series of "patterns" out of focus. The search for the ultimate stuff that the world is made of, turns out to be, there isn't any. It is pure energy. Everything, us included, appears to be a "dance of energy".

So, yes. All those books that try to sell us on vibrations and energy etc. are all on to something, but don't know yet how to assess it, how to use it. Some seem to be able to do something with it, and seem to be able to manipulate unseen forces for healing, some seem to be able to defy reality, but most of us are groping in the dark and are usually left with wishful thinking.
We do know that we cannot think ourselves rich or think ourselves healthy, but we do know that it does not contribute to our health and well-being by worrying constantly about our health. (or our wealth for that matter)
Count your blessings appears to have a more positive effect on our health than counting the stuff that we don't have but would like to have.
The latter may in effect have as a result that, whatever we desire may be put firmly outside our reach, by the sort of energy we are putting forth.

In our cluttered lives there is often an unspoken but deeply felt subconscious wish not too have to put up with more clutter. I have a feeling that a lot that we think we would like to have may appear to our subconscious as just more clutter.
"Give and you shall receive". There may be a deeper truth to this old wisdom if only to make room in your life, to make it less cluttered and maybe more more open to new things, new ways of experiencing reality.

The most recent development in this area is the film The Living  Matrix. in which a number of well known scientists from around the world discuss what they have been working on, thought about and discovered in their years of research : reality could be stranger than fiction.

Recommended Reading:
The Dancing Wu Li masters (more than two hour audio version of the book) : Gary Zukav
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The Science of Mind   Ernest Holmes
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and further anything by Fritjof Capra, Paul Davies, Rupert Sheldrake

just to give a bit of a start. Most of the books will set you on a path to further exploration.