Preventative Action
The first and most important condition of all: Make sure you are in good shape, well rested and enjoying a diet rich in fruits, nuts and vegetables... and.... make sure you have adequate Vit D levels. It is a cheap supplement and will save you from untold grief.
Try to cut down on red meat during the time that colds are doing the round (fall through winter).
But do not cut down on fat. In fact it is better to use butter than margarine. Much more on that in the Food Science section.
There is something to be said for stews (lots of onions and carrots) during winter.

Extra Vit.C (with rosehips) ; Make sure you have an adequate supply of timed-release Vitamin C on hand. Chewables are good through the day but not for overnight. Too many chewable Vitamine C's are hard on your teeth!

Zinc tablets since our general diet is low in zinc. Braised calfsliver is very high in zinc, as is venison, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and low fat yoghurt.

Make a habit of washing your hands often.

At the first Signs
As Dr. Elliot Dick from the University of Wisconsin  (Faculty of Preventative Medicine) is in a habit of doing: load up on Vitamin C He takes 2000mgs every hour for three hours, when he feels a cold coming on. Usually it is gone by then but if not he continues with 1000mg per hour.
Not everybody can handle that heavy a dose. Not that it would harm you, but you could get a very loose stool, even diarrhea. Personally we have taken between 4000 and 6000 per day without any side effects and our colds hardly ever lasts longer than three days. i.e. if we get them at all! We have done this now for over 15 years. It wasn't until recently that we discovered the VitD connection and have been taking extra VitD (cheap supplement). As it turns out, it was that little extra we needed.

This winter we have not yet had any colds at all!! (time of writing is end of January 2010)

When you have a Cold
Load up on Vitamin C, at least 4000mg. (4 x 1000mg pills) per day, preferably timed- release. Certainly when you go to bed.
Regular (the chewable type) is through your system in 2 hours flat.
Of course apples and oranges work too.
Make sure you drink lots and take an aspirin every couple of hours.

As a note of interest: Even though Vit E (the natural kind) is not specifically for fighting a cold, in a way it does help since it is the best buddy of Vit C. They work in tandem. Vitamins C and E can regenerate each other and thus potentiate each other's antioxidant effects. In fact, especially for older people, all vitamines are extremely important since the body itself creates more free radicals the older you get and it is the free radical activity that eventually wears out the body.

It has to be aspirin (ASA) not Tylenol (acetaminophen), which is pretty hard on your kidneys and liver

Acetaminophen may increase nasal congestion . That's why cold remedies with Tylenol often are combined with a variety of decongestants.
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Echinacea is known as an herbal remedy that helps ward off the common cold, lessens its severity, and shortens the length of symptoms. This therapy is widely used to enhance the healthy functioning of the immune system.
I don't think that with any of our European friends and relatives Echinaforce is lacking from the medicine cabinet.
It works by activating the number of infection fighting white blood cells, which help to kill cold and flu viruses. It is the world’s most popular cold remedy.. Take it as soon as you experience cold symptoms. Take two 125 mg capsules three times a day (standardized to 3.2 or 4.8 percent echinacosides) or 10-30 drops of one percent echinacoside liquid extract three times a day for ten days. You should not take Echinacea for more than 14 days at a time, as it works best if only used occasionally - not on a daily basis.
Zinc Lozenges: Effects on Colds
Although there have been studies showing a benefit when using zinc lozenges, there have been studies that have shown no effect (many of these studies used much less zinc). To increase the chance of its effectiveness, the zinc lozenges must be taken in the first 24 to 48 hours after symptoms appear, and one must suck on a lozenge every two to three hours for several days. Popping one occasionally may not do much good. To avoid overdoing zinc, take only for a few days - not more than seven days. Although zinc is reported to promote a healthy immune system, over 300 mg. a day may result in impairment, and taking citrus juice or citrus fruit before or after taking zinc lozenges may negate its effects. While zinc is safe, pregnant women are cautioned not to use it.

  The Common Cold

An Easy One ..?!?!?!?!?!

Wouldn't it be nice to get through the winter without colds and sniffles?
Believe me it is possible. I have done exactly that for the last ten years.
The secret is as simple as can possibly be,
and yet many people rather spend many miserable days,
using miserable stuff to try and get rid of their misery

Well first some common sense. Have you ever wondered why so many people get colds in spring rather than in winter??
Could it be that in spring they are probably at their lowest in Vit D (????). So maybe Vit D (3) has something to do with your resistance against the cold virus?
Actually you will discover through these pages that Vit D is far more important than we have ever thought.

About the Common Cold

Officially it is an infection of the upper respiratory tract (nose,throat and cavities) caused by a virus (the kind of which there are over 200).The most common ones are the rhinoviruses and we all know what they do : congestion of nasal cavities, sore throat, coughing, watery eyes etc. Although kids may develop a bit of a temperature, fever is rare in adults. If you do develop a rise in temperature combined with pain in your back (bottom shoulder blade area and lower) you should see a doctor.

You get a cold usually about 24 hours after the virus entered the body (incubation period).
Most colds will clear up in roughly a week without a doctor (and approx.7 days with a doctor..)

How and where do you pick up a cold??
Believe it or not, but the viruses are not airborne, unless somebody sneezes a fine mist of particles around the neighbourhood.
You pick them up from doorhandles, shopping carts, shaking hands etc. Cold viruses can survive for several hours on hands, tissues and hard surfaces.
Since you can not avoid touching doorhandles, you should make a point of washing your hands often and keep them away from your face in the meantime.

Aspirin has now been proven in many clinical tests to have anti-inflamatory qualities and is one of the best infection fighters we have. It is not just a pain killer.

First Things First!
Aspirin a Wonder Drug?
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Consider this:
Diseases, sickness, ills can not affect us if our resistance is strong enough.
In Spring when most colds  appear, most people are low on Vit. D3, the sun vitamin.
Vit D is formed in the oil in and on your skin. It takes at least 4 and up to 24 hours for the skin to absorb the Vit D. Washing yourself with soap or shampoo will remove most of the oil and the Vit D.!!
So if you the maximum benefit wash only your most private parts after some solid sun exposure.

Uncommon Cold ! click here
N.B. if you use aspirin for a headache don't wait until you have a full blown one. They work a lot better before it gets bad. If you quite often wake up with a headache, take one before you go to bed. Always with a glass of water!  Bite on it a couple of times and it will fall apart in your mouth.
Never swallow an aspirin whole!!
Most people who complain about their stomachs usually have only themselves to blame.

How many ??
Is one enough? Two.??
It really depends on body weight. The bigger you are the more ground there is to cover, but two should do just fine for most people, but as mentioned : it is far more effective to take them early.

Since a lot of headaches are stress related (neck and shoulder tightness?)  relaxation and breathing exercises will help too.

But of course if you feel the headache does not feel like all the other ones you had, check with your doctor first