My name Is James and the reason for this web site is the fact that I do not believe that my situation was all that much different from most people..

Well, have I got news for you........!!!!

  Sadly that includes also any information that comes from the Dieticians of Canada and whatever                    nutritional advice the government dispenses

Observational studies are - medically speaking- worth next to nothing. In comparing many different studies they look for concurrent events, for outcomes that seem to correlate. The problem with all these studies is that concurrence hardly ever indicates causality. It simply may mean that under the same circumstances there is the likelyhood that the same outcome can be expected. The many,many confounders are hardly ever accounted for. An other problem with observational studies is that people can cherry pick the ones that confirm one's beliefs. As happened with the now infamous saturated fat/cholesterol theory which was never based on scientific evidence but on a cherry picking Dr. Ancel Keyes.  
And more recently with the -so-called- China study, which was not really a study at all but a compilation of data from which dr. Colin Campbell drew a whole bunch of conclusions . On which many vegetarians based their reasoning for avoiding animal products. As several people have discovered, he not only cherry picked, he often did not even do the math correctly. See Denise Minger: The China Study, an Analysis

However they may be of great value when taken as a starting point for further research.  When the Observation generates a hypothesis and a further study ensues.    

Preamble.... and Disclaimer
For a Very Good Treatise on             Observational Studies,and how scientists often misjudge their own biases click here for Gary Taubes excellent article in the  Daily Bell
Beware of readily dispensed information

To show you how a respected institution can miss the mark and provide you with 'evidence' or with partial truths, how important secundary information is often left out Check Here
And above all remember the Holy Trinity of Nutrition: Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D
                                                                                                                                         and possibly manganese
If Vitamin D deficiency Is Such A Big Problem, Why Haven’t I Heard About It In The News?
Great question. The reason why you haven’t heard about this ‘amazing breakthrough’ is really quite simple: you don’t need
a doctor’s prescription to get your hands on vitamin D.
As a result, the research is not significantly funded by the drug companies because,
quite frankly, there is no real cost benefit to them.
What’s more, we have only had the technical ability to measure vitamin D levels commercially
– outside the research labs – for about ten years.
So about 98% of what we know about vitamin D has only been discovered in about the last 10 years.
So if your physician went to medical school in the last century,
as most did, then the odds are –
unless they have kept up to date with recent medical journals -

they are not going to know all that much about the virtues of vitamin D.

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Though they may be rare, some physicians know a little bit about nutrition.

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This is a prime example of
how the field of nutrition is in constant flux. When I wrote this, it was the most up-to-date knowledge about the synergism between Calcium, Magnesium, and Vitamin D. Now we know there is a third element involved that appears to work a conductor. It is Vitamin K2.
Leafy green vegetables contain lots of K1 which our body turns into K2. When you get older this does not work as efficient anymore. Butter is a good source of Vitamin K2