Could the fact that Campbell is nearing retirement and Cordain is a relatively young scientist have something to do with the very limited references that Campbell introduces.?
Do we have to take his word for what he says?
Does it really come down to what philosophy one adheres to, as Campbell purports?
For the interested reader who has made it this far, a couple of things must have become abundantly clear:

If this all sounds all a bit like saying bad things about a dear old professor, one should realize that we have been here before. Not that long ago, when it was discovered that a very well known professor of Health and Nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health, the good Dr. Fred. Stare was intimately linked to a whole string of business interests. Want to know more about this sordid story follow the link

For people interested in a clear and thorough critique of Campbell's China Study I warmly recommend Denise Minger's extensive study